The Prayer at Valley Forge


It is the purpose of the McDowell County Republican Party to stand for conserevative values and to promote strong leadership, locally, nationally and in our state.  We remain family oriented and also retain strong Bible based Christian values.  We strive for unity and dedication amoung our members.  We view our place in the party as a vital building block to the state and national parties


“I consider it an indispensable duty to close
This last solemn act of my official life
By commending the interest of our Dearest Country
To the protection of the Almighty God
And those who have superintendence of them
Into His Holy Keeping.” :George Washington

With the passing of our conservative Supreme Court Justice, Antionia Scalia, we are one step closer to this threat that George Washington eludes to in the picture above.  Please help and persuade our elected officials to stand for America!  At all costs.

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